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Manufacturing - Blister Packing

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals offers virtually any form of thermoformed blister packaging or cold-form blister packaging for your nutraceutical packaging solutions. For convenience and flexibility, we offer scalable solutions from mini- to large-scale production, and for one-time (stability testing, promotional packaging, seasonal packaging) or your regular outsourced packaging requirements.

All Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals blister packaging solutions for nutraceutical and OTC applications, all provided to you in our FDA cGMP environment.

  • Thermoformed blister packaging for virtually all forms of products:
    • Solids/Powders/Semi-solids (gels, creams and ointments)
    • Microfill and nanofill for powders
  • Blister Packing Blister packaging for regimen and combination therapies.
  • Multi-product blisters
    • Hi-Tech can package up to five different tablet and or capsules in a single blister package!
  • Blister packaging for stability testing
  • Child resistant blister packaging
  • Thermoforming and cold forming formats
  • Blister packaging for compliance and regimen therapies
  • Blister packaging prototyping
  • Cold-foil blister packaging
  • Heat seal blister carding
  • Blister card tipping and affixing
  • Custom engineered packages and packaging equipment for specialized applications & products

Manufacturing - Pouches/Strip Packing

Blister PackagingFlexible packaging such as foil-laminate pouches, heat sealed laminates, and strip packaging are a cost-effective solution for packaging powders, solids, and packaging medical devices.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has the technical experience combined with the best technology and materials available to make your product compliant and effective. Our complete pouch package services include four-side seal packaging and manual pouch sealing operations.

We can handle virtually any product:

  • Tablet/Capsule/Gelcap/Liquicap/Powder Fill/Medical Devices
  • Powder pouching expertise
  • Microdosing powders
  • Poach WrapPowder-filled pouches
  • Liquid pouching
  • Solid unit dose strip packaging
  • 3-panel gussets; 4-panel gusset pouches
  • Sachet packaging
  • Stand-up pouches
  • Die-cut pouches to match other packaging forms (jars, bottles) for consistent branding
  • Foil-laminates:
    • Barrier pouches with gusseted bottom and heat-sealable bottom or zipper closure
    • Chevron peel pouch
    • Corner peel pouch
    • Square sealed pouch
  • Pouching, Pouch Sealing and Packaging Solutions equipment.
  • Processing Capabilities:
    • Vertical Form, Fill & Seal: Tablets and Capsules
    • Horizontal Form, Fill and Seal: Wound care products, Medical Devices, Consumer Products